VTA Gasket Kit for Seiko 6139 without Rotating Inner Ring
January 9, 2018
Vintage Seiko 7T92-0HE0 Quartz Chronograph
Vintage Seiko 7T92-0HE0 Quartz Chronograph
January 28, 2018
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Service for Seiko 61xx Automatic Chronographs

108,40  incl. VAT - 108,40  excl. VAT

Service for Seiko 61xx Automatic Chronograph

Delivery time: 3/4 days


General overhaul including cleaning, disassembly and reassembly, application of grease and oil, which includes:

  • Cleaning of bracelet, clasp, case, dial, hands
  • Disassembly of movement, professional cleaning of all its parts
  • Reassembly of movement, including oiling as per Seiko recommendations and guidelines
  • Replacement of Glass (replacement glass sold separately)
  • Replacement of case back gasket (gasket sold separately)
  • Replacement of rubber seals on main hour stem, alarm stem, pushers (rubber seals sold separately)
  • Greasing of rubber seals on stems, pushers and case back gasket with watchmaker’s water-repellent grease

The service as described is dedicated exclusively at the Seiko 61xx series of Automatic Chronographs. The service itself does not include water tightness test: vintage watches are generally not waterproof. Many were never watertight, others are no more. Over the decades, seals become porous, causing water to penetrate into the housing. Even if all seals are replaced with new ones, the metal surfaces onto which they work could be pitted, cracked, uneven. Even watches, which were once designed for use in the water, should be taken for in-depth inspection to a professional watchmaker in order to test them for water tightness.

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