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Vintage Seiko 7A48-7000 Quartz Chronograph

This Seiko 7A48-7000 Quartz Chronograph from 1984 is the best of both worlds: A Seiko Quartz Chronograph from the 7Axx Series, with a moonphase complication. And an incredibly classy look.


NOT AVAILABLE – There is an old commercial ad from Seiko announcing the launch of the Seiko 7A48-7000 Quartz Chronograph series with one of the best tag lines I have ever seen: “Seiko gave you the world’s first analog quartz chronograph. Now we give you the moon“.

Now this is exactly what I think of, when we say “the best of both worlds”! A Seiko Quartz Chronograph from the 7Axx Series, with a moonphase complication. And an incredibly classy look. What would you want more?

The watch itself was manufactured in May 1984, so you can expect it to have some dents and scratches, but the glass has been replaced. The metal band is also a bit stretched, but not too much to be unconfortable, and the clasp closes well on the wrist.

The back of this particular Seiko 7A48-7000 Quartz Chronograph has got some scratches due to past inexperienced watchmakers and the whole case was not buffered nor polished, mantaining its original status.

Obviously the watch has been serviced throughout, it works flawlessly, and keeps excellent time, even after 33 years!

Things we like about this watch:

The dial is in excellent condition, and the moonphase complication is mesmerizing to say the least. The movement is working perfectly well and has been serviced recently following Seiko’s recommended practices, a guarantee for longevity and durablity. There are no traces of rust whatsoever.

Things we don’t like about this watch:

The gold plating on the bezel has worn out a bit. Scratches on the metal band (which is a bit stretched) and the clasp are there, but not so deep or severe that a proper buffing could remove – we did not to preserve its originality, so it is up to the next owner to decide wether to do so or not.

Additional information
Manufacturing Date

May 1984


Chronograph, Date, Moonphase







Movement Type

Chronograph, Quartz

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