Vintage Seiko 7A48-7000 Quartz Chronograph
Vintage Seiko 7A48-7000 Quartz Chronograph
June 17, 2018
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June 18, 2018
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Vintage Seiko 7T34-7A10 Quartz Chronograph


An amazing Vintage Seiko 7T34-7A10 Quartz Chronograph in stainless steel and black dial.

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An amazing Vintage Seiko 7T34-7A10 Quartz Chronograph in stainless steel and black dial.

This Vintage Seiko 7T34-7A10 Quartz Chronograph is something only the lovers of Seiko Quartz Chronographs from the 80s will truly appreciate. The hefty stainless steel bracelet marks its presence on the wrist in a very positive way, as the glass bezel with its dodecahedron shape is not only a true classic in watch design, but also a distinctive signature of this watch.

All the functions work exactly as they should, and even if some marks and scratches are there for the nitpick guys and gals to find, the honest condition as well as the new mineral glass we installed make the  black dial pop out in the most amazing way.

The hands do sport some dark spots due to aging, but the lume is still present, with its illumination fades slowly and gently away, yet giving you time enough to understand that if you really need to check the watch in the total dark, either you are too late to bed, or somewhere you shouldn’t be in the first  place.

Things we like about this watch:

It is heavy, but still incredibly comfortable on the wrist. It works flawlessly, and the new mineral glass installed during the service really makes the dial stand out, giving amazing depth to it and making it even more legible. No large nor deep dents can be found on the case and neither on the bracelet, and there is absolutely no sign of polishing nor buffing. This is as honest a vintage watch can be.

Things we don’t like about this watch:

You realize immediately this watch has been the sole and daily companion of a offfice-diver. The clasp is full of scratches,but not as deep as the Marianna Trench. The bracelet links also show some scratches but the issue here is that they are stretched. Not so much, but still, you see the gaps in-between. Accept it or leave it, but please do not replace it with a rubber band… please….

We were able to find another honest, truly loved and used (but not abused) Vintage Seiko 7T34-7A10 Quartz Chronograph with an amazing black dial. It is working perfectly, it feels great at the wrist, and you can only imagine the story it has to tell…

Additional information







Alarm, Chronograph, Date, Dual Time

Manufacturing Date

May 1983

Case Material

Stainless Steel


Mineral Glass

Movement Type

Chronograph, Quartz

Strap / Bracelet Material

Stainless Steel

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