Vintage Seiko Quartz Chronograph 7T32-7B30
October 1, 2016
Vintage Vremia Poljot 3133 Chronograph
Vintage Vremia Poljot 3133 Chronograph
October 3, 2016
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Vintage Seiko Quartz Chronograph 7T32-6N10 Engineer Sliderule

A unique and rare Seiko Quartz Chronograph 7T32-6N10 “Engineer Sliderule”.


An unusual and quite rare Seiko Quartz Chronograph 7T32-6N10, known as “engineer’s sliderule model” has measured its paces into our shop.

As any other Seiko 7T32 series chronograph, this 6N10 is as reliable as it can be It arrived on our shop in non-working condition, presenting some rather small water damage inside the movement. After a proper service, it now works flawlessly and will serve the new owner still many years.

The case is also marked with very fine scratches, especially on the rotating bezel, but nothing too dramatic. The glass is virtually scratch free and the bracelet presents normal signs of use, especially on the buckle.

The dial is just perfect pitch black with shiny huge our markers, with perfect lume, as are the hour and minute markers. All the pushers work as they should, smoothly but decisively, having a very nice feel to them. Both crowns are also smooth and easy to operate and the rotating bezel is incredibly smooth to turn.

Speaking of the crowns, the main one shows signs of a fall on the ground and it is a bit wobbly, due to the stem being slightly bent, but it still works fine and it is easy to pull out to set the date and hour and smooth to turn.

The big and heavy bracelet is extremely sturdy, but a bit short for who has large wrists. The watch is heavy and feels very present on the wrist, but then “blends in” even with my small wrist. Last but not least, the dual time / alarm works flawlessly, with a loud and clear chime.

This is a very rare Seiko WQuartz Chronograph, not easy to find on the market of vintage Seikos. We are

Additional information
Movement Type


Strap / Bracelet Material







Alarm, Chronograph, Dual Time


6N10, SDWF75J1

Manufacturing Date

June 2000

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