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Vintage Seiko 7009-5010 Automatic Wristwatch
August 11, 2017
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Vintage Sekonda Alarm Wrist Watch with Poljot 2612.1 Movement


A very nice and restored to perfect functionality Vintage Sekonda Alarm with Poljot 2612.1 movement, working beautifully well, the alarm sounding loud and strong.

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Complications are something coveted in wrist watches, since the give character and further meaning to the time piece. Chronograph, moon phase, date and day complications are quite common in mid to high-end watches, and some of them have some or all of them altogether. Quartz watches have pushed this lineup a bit further, including alarm function, but mechanical watches rarely sport such complication, since it is quite difficult to make it without overcomplicating the movement, thus pushing up the price.

Russian manufacturer Poljot, though, with this 2612.1 movement did just that: they brilliantly implemented an alarm function in a mechanical movement still keeping it affordable and even fairly easy to service. The Sekonda Alarm Wrist Watch you see here is probably the best iteration there is when it comes down to an affordable time piece with an interesting complication such as the alarm function.

The watch arrived in non-working condition to pur lab, so it was disassembled, serviced, and the alarm barrel replaced with an original replacement barrel with working mainspring. Cleaned and reassembled, the watch was not further polished nor retouched, since it was in already outstanding condition.

It keeps the time very well, and most importantly, the alarm now works perfectly well, as it was intended!

Things we like about this watch:

The alarm function is something that makes this watch pop. The two crowns at 2 and 4 o’clock make the looks of this watch quite interesting, being the lower one to wind up the main time function, and set the date, while the crown at 2 o’clock is used to wind up the alarm mainspring and set the alarm set off hour. Once properly serviced, the movement is in perfect working order, the dial is just incredibly beautiful, having applied indices with green lume pips that still shine in the darkness, as the hands do. Of course, the alarm works exactly as it should.

The sunburst dial catches the light from any angle, and the chrome plating on the case is still intact on the front. The glass does have some minor scratches, but nothing really serious and they are to be found only if you look up close at the glass, actually. The shape of the case is also an eyecatcher, with its typical pillow-shaped form it immediately calls back to the late seventies.

Things we don’t like about this watch:

Nothing really to mention as negative about this watch, perhaps only the fact that the original strap is long gone, replaced by a new calf grain leather armband. The overall dimension of the case is on the small side, so people with very large wrists will probably see it disappear once worn, but the alarm will remind you of its presence, no doubt.

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