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Seiko Circuit Block for 7T32 Quartz Chronographs – Part No. 4000 710
September 12, 2018
VTA 4000F Movement holder for Seiko Bell-Matic movements
VTA 4000F Movement HOLDER for SEIKO 4005/4006 (Bell-Matic) MOVEMENTS
September 24, 2018
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VTA 5600F Movement HOLDER for SEIKO 5601 / 5606 / 5626 / 5646 (56KS) MOVEMENTS

12,60  incl. VAT - 12,60  excl. VAT

VTA 5600F Movement holoder for SEIKO 5601 / 5606 / 5626 / 5646 (56KS) movements

Delivery time: 3/4 days

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The VTA 5600F Movement HOLDER for SEIKO 5601 / 5606 / 5626 / 5646 (56KS) movements is a new tool for working with the Seiko 56xx series of mechanical movements. You can use the holder to hold both sides of the movement to work on either the dial side or the train side.

The ring is designed to handle front loader or back loader movements.

Will fit the following quartz chronograph movements:

  • SEIKO 5601 (Lord-Matic)
  • SEIKO 5605 (Lord-Matic)
  • SEIKO 5619 (Dual-Time)
  • SEIKO 5621 (King Seiko)
  • SEIKO 5625 (King Seiko)
  • SEIKO 5626 (King Seiko)
  • SEIKO 5641 (Grand Seiko)
  • SEIKO 5645 (Grand Seiko)
  • SEIKO 5646 (Grand Seiko)

The tools are 3D printed out of high quality polymer. Finish on the tools is a typical high quality “FDM” style finish. The tool can be adjusted to suit your preference, tight or loose fit by lightly deburring the rim of the tool.

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7T27, 7T32, 7T34, 7T36, 7T42, 7T62, 7T92

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