VTA 6170 movement holder for SEIKO 61xx/63xx/754x/70xx
VTA 6170 Movement Holder for SEIKO 61xx/63xx/754x/70xx Movements
March 6, 2018
Vintage Seiko 7T34-6A00 Quartz Chronograph
Vintage Seiko 7T34-6A00 Quartz Chronograph
March 7, 2018
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VTA 7460 Movement Holder for SEIKO 7S26, 7S36, 4R36 etc Movements

12,60  incl. VAT - 12,60  excl. VAT

A new tool for working with the SEIKO 7S26 and derivative movements

Delivery time: 3/4 days

Available on backorder


A new tool for working with the SEIKO 7S26 and derivative movements. The movement can go in either way so you can work on the dial or train side. Being a ring design, you can access both sides of the movement. It is designed so you don’t need to remove the plastic spacer ring from the movement (this is a real pain in the backside).

The design is perfect for modders as you can just drop the whole movement in and do what you need to do.

The tools are 3D printed out of high quality polymer. Finish on the tools is a typical high quality “FDM” style finish. The tool can be adjusted to suit your preference, tight or loose fit by lightly deburring the rim of the tool.

Fits (for example) –

  • 7S25
  • 7S26
  • 7S35
  • 7S36
  • 4R35
  • 4R36
  • 4R37
  • 4R39
  • NH25
  • NH26
  • NH35
  • NH36
  • NH37
  • NH38
  • NH39
  • NH70

+ any other 7S26 derivative movement that uses the black plastic spacer ring.

The watch movement is NOT included with the auction and is for demonstration only

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