Hi George Have just watched the video and read your report, I am in Jersey where we had our honeymoon 50 years ago and looking at the watch my wife gave me for our 25 anniversary... and it's restored and fully working... thank you so much for your efforts, I'm so glad you are still looking after these old watches, I am perfectly happy with everything you have done ? Once again Many Thanks Bill UPDATE Hi George Well my watch arrived today, really looking good and time still spot on. I would like to thank you for repairing/restoring my 25 year old seiko 7T32 7A2A, prior to finding you I had emailed Seiko just to get it serviced but they said they were unable to help. Its only thanks to you that my watch is keeping perfect time and looks 1st class. It must be great to have a hobby you enjoy, that also makes others very happy. Once Again Thank You.

Bill H.

A few years ago I bought a non working Seiko Flightmaster. It was a 7t34-6a00 black dial with green sweep hand. I've wanted one for a long time and when this came up for sale on a watch forum I snapped it up. I had every intention of trying to repair it myself but when I saw technical photos of the 7t34 insides I realised I needed to find a skilled specialist. My search began on Google and YouTube. They both kept displaying the same results: George Clarkson. I found he was a member of a few forums I was on so decided to watch a few of his how to videos on YouTube. I was convinced almost immediately that this was the man to send my watch to. All the supposed "professional" watch repairers wouldn't even consider repairing these vintage quartz chronographs but here was a hobbyist that was showing them all up. While I was in contact with him I found another identical, all be it half destroyed version of my watch. I sent them both off to him and was prepared to wait a few weeks to get the good or the bad news however within a day he had stripped and started to assess them. Within a week or so he had completely cleaned my dirt filled first watch, stripped both movements, cleaned, oiled and rebuilt one good one out of both. This was shown in a few videos that he had asked if I wanted. Once finished, he sent it back the pre arranged way, signed, tracked and insured. Roughly a week later it landed on my doorstep and to say I was delighted was an understatement. So satisfied with the quality and speed of his work/communication I currently have another Seiko with him. This time an older 7a38-702a. Thank you George. I am thankful I found such a dedicated repairer for these vintage quartz chronographs. I will continue to send all my future repairs to you. Robbie

Robbie A.

I had a broken, obsolete Seiko chronograph that I could get no one in the UK to repair – even the manufacturer.  On the advice of someone on a forum, I contacted George in Berlin.  Not only did he do a marvellous repair but he also totally reconditioned the watch and returned it to me in absolutely first-class condition.  I cannot recommend him enough for the skill and care he demonstrated.

Richard G.

Hi there... Everything went fine. I got the watch back several days ago and I/m so very pleased. I do wish we could have found a replacement bezel at a reasonable price but all the others I have seen are in the same or worse shape. I understand its apart of the history of the watch and my personal life's story. This watch has seen a lot of tragedy and triumph over the years and I am very proud of that. You did a wonderful job...Thank you.

Ric S.

My Seiko 7a28 7030 was in a bad way after years of hard treatment.  Whilst the watch told the time, the chronograph didn’t work and the watch was generally deteriorating.  Being in the UK, my first thought was to send the watch to Seiko UK, but they returned it as unserviceable.  I needed to find someone with the necessary skill and interest in Seiko watches who could take on the challenge.  I am so glad to have discovered George Clarkson and Only Vintage Watches from videos on YouTube.  George did a great job at fixing and servicing my watch whilst keeping me fully informed on any issues that arose along the way.  I have no hesitation in recommending George / Only Vintage Watches and will happily send other watches to George to be serviced.

Simon. W

This watch is my first watch, I got it in 1983 as a Xmas gift from my parents. Few years ago it stopped working properly. My local watchmaker told me that he could not repair it, he might change the movement if I find one. So I posted in a Facebook group that I am searching for a replacement movement or a watch in bad condition to use the movement. That’s when George approached to me and offered me to repair the movement, which he did. He did a wonderful job. The watch is working fine, just when it was new and all that for more than a fair price. I highly recommend him and his service. Michael T., Austria

Michael T.

My affair with 7T34s Flighties goes back a long way - to the days when Seiko GB would carry out a service or a repair. Then I had a 3-year hiatus when only an auto or a hand-cranker would do. Eventually the 7T34 lure got under my skin and because Seiko GB would no longer take my money so I went looking for an alternative and found George. Since then, George Clarkson has been my go-to fixer for everything Seiko and his skills have enabled me to build up a fairly comprehensive working collection of 7T34 variants. Now he's also servicing my Sumos. I don't expect 10-day turnaround because, frankly, excellent watch repairers are busy people in great demand.

Pete A.